HUGO: a partner in EU programmes

HUGO coordinates hospitals and sponsors clinical trials when several wards of our network are involved. As a partner or a coordinator in EU and international projects, HUGO can bring the expertise of its members'staff, covering all the fields of clinical research, as well the French top infrastructure and expertise on health data. 

The clinical research department (GIRCI GO) of HUGO gathers human resources, infrastructures and services to submit proposals and to manage the implementation of EU projects: 

Management and sponsorship of clinical trials including clinical regulatory affairs, monitoring, data management…

Legal agreement and Memorandum of Understanding management

Legal representative entity for the wards involved in the health data warehouse network/Ouest Datahub


Management of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer


HUGO has coordinated a Horizon 2020 project in neonatal care «Digi-NewB », together with all its members and with partners from around the EU. 
Members of the HUGO network have been involved in 28 Horizon 2020 projects: 3 as coordinators, 18 as partners, 7 as linked third parties. They contributed to many more projects as subcontractors.
HUGO university hospitals are also participating in research projects in other EU programmes: Eurostars, the Health Programme, EIT Health, JPIs and ERA-Nets and INTERREG.

Our members are involved in Horizon Europe proposals and are open to collaborations. Here are their profiles on the Funding and Tenders portal :