Ouest DataHub

The leading hospital data network in France


HUGO members have set up Clinical Data Centers, operating independently while using the same technology. In 2020, all these centres got connected in an inter-regional platform for health data: the Ouest DataHub.

The Ouest DataHub gathers:

a critical mass of 5,1 MILLION patients

6 million hospital stays

134 MILLION clinical documents

1,3 billion structured data

It is the leading hospital data network in France and one of the largest in Europe.

In addition to the infrastructure, this health data platform brings together high-level scientific and clinical expertise for data quality, analysis and interpretation, which is essential for the explanation and relevance of the data.

The interregional hospital data can be made available to authorised investigators, and can be used for research and innovation purposes. Our structured network of experts on big data collection, structuring, processing and interpretation brings together a multidisciplinary expertise (methodological, technical and scientific) to contribute to or collaborate on projects with academic or industrial partners.

The service offering covers 4 areas:

The provision of hospital data
Technical and scientific expertise on data processing
Clinical expertise
The protection of people's rights and data security

Four inter-regional research projects on big data

Four research projects have been selected so far to create cohorts for clinical trials, identify biological biomarkers or develop diagnostic tools. These 4 research projects rely on the expertise and services offered by the Clinical Data Centers (CDC) and their network (Ri-CDC). They all involve all the HUGO university hospitals and one of them involves the West oncology institute (ICO).

They are the first studies conducted by medical investigators of the Grand Ouest region using data from the HUGO interregional health data warehouse.

The Nantes University Hospital is working on cardiology, the Rennes University Hospital on genetics, and the Angers University Hospital on liver complications and the impact of vitamin C deficiency. All of these projects involve inter-regional data sharing.


a study to determine the number of hospital patients with vitamin C deficiency and the factors that co-exist with this deficiency.


a project on the impact and prediction of liver complications in dysmetabolic disease.


a study evaluating the prognostic value of glycaemic variability in the acute phase of heart failure.


a project on an innovative diagnosis of rare diseases based on clinical genetics consultation reports.

HUGO has developed a structured research programme using big data and can now respond to national and international calls for tenders linked to Big Data either as partner or as coordinator.